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About the company

About the company

JSC Freight One is the largest freight rail operator in Russia.

Freight One provides comprehensive services in the freight transportation sector. Over 80% of our clients are leading industrial companies in Russia. Freight One’s 3,600 employees ensure that it runs efficiently. 

Freight One’s main activities:

  • operating rolling stock
  • forwarding service
  • managing rolling stock for third parties

Freight One forms UCL Rail – a railway division of Universal Cargo Logistics Holding (UCL Holding) international transport group. In addition to UCL Rail, the group includes stevedoring companies in north-west and south of the country, as well as Volga and North-Western shipping companies, a number of other shipping and logistics assets.

Average daily loading

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Freight One’s turnover

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total freight turnover on the network of Russian Railways
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Share of Freight One in arrangement of Russian railcar fleet

other operators Freight One

Share of Freight One in the overall freight transportation volume on the Russian Railways network