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Our mission

  • to be an effective operator in the market of railway commercial transportation, providing a wide range of transport and logistics services
  • to provide high-quality services to our clients at competitive prices
  • to strive for maximization of the value for shareholders
  • to contribute to the development of the Russian railway transportation market 

We are proud that leading manufacturers are our clients, and we work to ensure that they have the best high quality services which meet their expectations and needs.

Factors of leadership

World’s largest private railway freight transportation operator in terms of fleet volume

Our fleet comprises 113 thousand freight railcars, including gondolas for transportation of various types of cargo, tank cars for transportation of crude oil and oil products, boxcars for unitized, bulk and other types of cargo, cement hoppers, mineral hoppers, as well as platforms, used for transportation of equipment and machinery. The size and diversity of our fleet, our presence in all key market segments ensure business diversification, our ability to quickly respond to any market changes and to satisfy the Russian economy's demands on efficient transport services. The scale of the company allows setting standards of the market, so most of the largest companies of economy key sectors choose us as a partner.

No.1 railway freight transportation operator for the Russian industry 

Freight One’s extensive client base includes major players from all key sectors of the Russian industry. Our customers account for about 70% of all volume of railway freight transportation in Russia. Financial stability and quality of our customer base is an additional guarantee of sustainability of our business in any economic reality and its diversity covers us against risks of high market volatility and negative tendencies in individual sectors of economy.

The largest market share in Russia in terms of rolling stock and turnover

We are an absolute leader in terms of the volume of freight transportation on the Russian Railways network and serve all key sectors of the Russian industry. The volume of our freight railcar fleet allows us to work practically anywhere in the country. We are able to offer transport services to our clients regardless of their location and directions of cargo transportation.

Extensive geography of presence

One of our indisputable competitive advantages is extensive geography of presence in Russia. In addition, our company is one of the few national operators providing services in Kazakhstan, Finland, the Baltic States and other neighboring states.

Leadership by continuous improvement

In recent years, we have achieved significant results in optimization of all business processes and improved our operating results, for example, reduced expenditures for rolling stock repairs and maintenance.

Perfect corporate governance and strong management team

Basic value and the main principle of our work are ensuring sustainable growth in shareholder value and maintaining a high level of business transparency. We implement the best corporate governance practices, which is fundamental for sustainable development of our business. Freight One is surely one of the strongest management teams in the industry with considerable experience in railway business and other key sectors of economy. For several years, our governance has been possibly close to the level of the public companies.