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Registrar and Auditor


KPMG is a member of the Chamber of Auditors of Russia non-commercial partnership, and was appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholder's to carry out audits of the financial reporting compiled in accordance with international financial reporting standards.

Address: Room 24E, bay 1, 3rd floor, Olimpiyskiy prospekt 16/5, 129110 Moscow, Russia
Telephone: + 7 (495) 937-44-77
Fax: + 7 (495) 937-44-99, + 7 (495) 937-44-00
Email: moscow@kpmg.ru


Full corporate name: Regional Independent Registrar Agency Open Joint Stock Company

Short corporate name: RNR Agency JSC

Location: 10 Б, 9 Maya str., 398017 Lipetsk

Phone: 8 (4742) 443-095, 443-106

E-mail: info@a-rnr.ru
Web: www.a-rnr.ru

Registration information: State Registration Certificate No. 2945 of 21.02.1996

Primary State Registration Number: 1027100964527

License: License for maintaining the register of owners of securities No. 042-13984-000001 dated November 29, 2002, issued by the Federal Commission on Securities Market of Russia for an unlimited period of time.