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Press officeNewsAlexey Gorbunov, “Volumes of Transportation in Krasnoyarsk Krai Can Be Increased by 1.5 Times”

Alexey Gorbunov, “Volumes of Transportation in Krasnoyarsk Krai Can Be Increased by 1.5 Times”

24 september 2019

This message was delivered by Director of Krasnoyarsk Branch of Joint Stock Company Freight One (JSC Freight One) during the inter-regional roundtable organized together with the consignors and business partners. Increasing of the amounts of shipment is attainable under the condition of compliance with the ‘on time in full’ principle.

“Together with the consignors we have to perform accurate analysis and accounting of the transported cargoes, upgrade the scheduled time for export of production not after every 10 days but after every 3 days, comply with the norms regulating staying of the fleet under the loading and unloading operations, including staying at the access tracks of the enterprises. It is our commonly shared sphere of mutual benefit. For example, we managed to establish a regular loading schedule and decrease the tank car downtimes from 4.2 to 2.3 days at the railway stations of Novosibirsk region and Krasnoyarsk Krai within 3 months while working with the NT-Service company specialized in transportation of oil products and VPK-Oil oil refinery. For that purpose we have introduced forecasting, monthly and operational planning, started the procedure of strict control over compliance with the loading/unloading schedule as well as arranged for forwarding of raw materials using the loop routes. All the above measures resulted also in decreasing the costs for additional provision of rail cars and improvement of their turnover,” said Alexey Gorbunov.

Increasing of the quality of service and implementation of advanced technologies represented another topic of discussion. The objective of JSC Freight One is in increasing of operational and economic efficiency of freight transportation. This process will be facilitated by transferring to the SAP digital platform developed for optimization of business processes. Besides, the operator is developing the JSC Freight One Online software. For example, working in the personal account allows the customer tracking positions of railcars also with the help of smart phones and tablets and developing the plans for loading in advance, while the Mobile reporter smartphone application is used for optimization of the process of acceptance or rejection of the rolling stock.

The company initiatives were supported by the participants of the roundtable. Dmitry Zotin, Deputy Minister of Transport of Krasnoyarsk Krai commented saying, “The region and its economy are inseparably connected with development of the raw material base where the key role is played by the railway transportation. We see that one of the largest logistics operators is actively developing towards digitizing of its business activities. I am sure that implementation of digital technologies in the sectors like sales and technological process management would exert a positive influence upon the business development processes and, as the result, on development of the raw material base and the economy of Krasnoyarsk Krai.”

The meeting was attended by 85 persons – representatives of JSC Freight One, RZD along with the major consignors of the region.