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Press officeNewsFreight One Discusses Gondola Capacity Growth Opportunities with Kuzbass Consignors

Freight One Discusses Gondola Capacity Growth Opportunities with Kuzbass Consignors

19 september 2017
Dmitry Pritula, Chief Commercial Officer of Freight One, believes that as long as consignors show growing needs in gondolas, it is necessary to jointly seek new reserves to increase rolling stock productivity. He made this statement at an interregional meeting with the consignors of Kuzbass, organized in Novokuznetsk by Freight One Novosibirsk.

“In 2017, Freight One acquired 7 thousand new gondolas with capacity of 75 tons each. At present, network fleet renewal is inhibited by the inflated price of new rolling stock and the low cost of maintaining the railcar life cycle, as it is one third of that pertaining to older railcars. In such a market reality it is important to increase the efficiency of railcar usage, and this requires cooperation of all participants to the railway freight transportation market,” said Dmitry Pritula.

Yevgeny Dolzhenko, Director of Freight One Novosibirsk, reported to the participants the branch’s operational results for 8 months 2017, making the stress on the loading volume of coal, the principal cargo of the branch in Kuzbass, at about 17.3 mln tons (98% of the total Freight One’s loading volume in Kuzbass). Coal traffic inside Russia amounted to 10.9 mln tons, while another 6.4 mln tons were exported.

“The positive dynamics was stimulated by the improvement of the situation in the coal market and the increased demand for Russian products in the APR countries. We have effectively managed the increased flow of consignor requests by arranging comprehensive actions to secure our obligations under network contracts. Moreover, at present Freight One introduces various digital services to improve railcar management efficiency, in particular, the Customer’s Personal Account online service and electronic document flow,” said the branch Director.

During the round table discussion, Yevgeny Dolzhenko also noted the productive cooperation with the Finnish railways in the West Siberian region, saying, “By the results of 8 months 2017, the branch carried over 164 thou tons of cargo to Finland and through its railway border crossings and ports to the countries of Europe. We aim to preserve and maximize the potential of our cooperation.”

Ilkka Seppänen, Vice President for Railway Logistics of VR Group Ltd (Finnish Railways) and Svetlana Lehmus, Sales Manager of VR Transpoint, in their turn, spoke about the structure, achievements and opportunities of the company, and also made a number of proposals for Kuzbass consignors to deliver export cargos through the ports and border crossings of Finland.

“Our country is a competitive route, as the distances to the ports are comparable with that to other ports of the countries of the Baltic region. VR Transpoint is also ready to provide guarantees regarding goods delivery terms. The transit ports of Finland offer a high equipment level and good communication with ports of continental Europe,” Svetlana Lehmus emphasized.

The event was attended by consignors of Kuzbass, representatives of the Finnish Railways, Freight One Head Office and Freight One Novosibirsk. In an open dialogue the participants discussed interaction issues and made proposals regarding technological improvements of the transportation process.