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Press officeNewsJSC Freight One Upgrades Washing and Steaming Station in Omsk within the Framework of the Ecology National Project

JSC Freight One Upgrades Washing and Steaming Station in Omsk within the Framework of the Ecology National Project

15 may 2019

The news was reported by representatives of Novosibirsk Branch of Joint Stock Company Freight One (JSC Freight One) during the public discussion of the Clean Air federal program. The first results and plans related to environmental upgrading of the enterprise were also presented during the discussion.

“We are steadily implementing the set of measures taken in order to decrease the environmental impact of our production. This year, for example, we performed the works related to elimination of stationary emission sources. We plan to implement a new reservoir cleaning technology this autumn. Our plans also include installation of technological devices providing for application of the closed steaming cycle. That would completely eliminate the possibility of oil sludge emission into the environment,” pointed out Pavel Dyablov, head of WSS Kombinatskaya.

Pumping and ventilating equipment was renovated within the framework of upgrading of the enterprise. The ventilation systems are cleaned from impurities and equipped by air cleaning filters. It is established a strict environmental control of the technological process – the researchers form the research and development institution perform regular additional measurements at the enterprise.

During the public discussions of the federal program held in Omsk it was noted that overwhelming majority of financial support for the Clean Air project was formed from the non-budget sources of financing – the investments of Omsk enterprises into the project would comprise 94% from the total amount of financing.

Yevgeny Dolzhenko, Director of Novosibirsk Branch, also paid attention to the fact that business structures get interested in implementation of the project, “Main financial burden is borne just by the companies registered in the city. Based on the results of 2018 JSC Freight One invested 6.7 million rubles into the problem of environmental upgrading of the WSS. More than 8 million rubles are planned to be invested for the above purposes during 2019. Technical renovation of the washing and steaming station will be continued. It is planned to cut the emission volumes by 16% after completion of all the works”.

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Approved by the Russian government on December 21, 2018, the Clean Air federal project aims to improve the environmental situation and cut emissions of polluting substances in 12 most polluted cities of the RF. The project was developed by Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor) with the purpose of performing the Executive Order No. 204 dated 07.05.2018 “On National Goals and Strategic Objectives of the Russian Federation through to 2024” signed by V. V. Putin, the President of the Russian Federation.