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Freight One provides comprehensive freight forwarding services across the the Russian railway network and the railways of other states.

Select the destinations of your interest from our business solutions:
  • Cooperation with the Russian Railways Transport Service Centre (clearance of applications to State Agency 12 on freight haulage)
  • Paying rail tariffs
  • Developing logistics plans
  • Developing loading plans
  • Freight dispatch services
  • Other services
  • Organising deliveries with various levels of responsibility for transport costs between the seller and the buyer
  • Delivery according to client contracts
  • Monitoring all stages of delivery, including freight handling
  • Dispatch services in all regions
  • Customs clearance
  • Special services to transport refractory products and equipment
  • Organising rail transportation of large and oversized loads (on platform cars and gondolas)
  • Forwarding across the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries
  • Paying railway tariffs for the entire route
  • Monitoring the passage of transit cargo through Russian Federation border crossings
  • Preparing tank cars for carrying oil cargo in Kazakhstan
  • Monitoring the progress of a freight train
  • Creating direct routes for loaded and empty railcars;
  • Developing transport corridors
  • Ferry services