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Industrial logistics

This service is specially designed for industrial businesses and transfers intra-factory logistic services to Freight One.

The Industrial Logistics service frees businesses from non-core activities, reduces costs on maintaining railway equipment, transport infrastructure, and increases service quality.

The service includes:

  • The maintenance and management of transport infrastructure, including access lines, locomotives and front loading
  • The transfer of the railway personnel sub-division to Freight One
  • The maintenance and cleaning of railcars as well as the organisation and management of intra-factory railroads and transits
  • A round – the – clock shift plan for worksite intra-factory logistics
  • Consignor/consignee function
  • Preparation of shipping documents
  • Introduction of leading strategies for the management of logistics assets and infrastructure development 
  • Warehouse logistics outsourced to warehouse managers MTO
  • Other additional services